Cui Cui.(ˈkui̯-‘kui) is an artistic collaborative founded by Sa-ko Okumura and Eriko Shirakawa. Our creative projects cover a wide range from flower arrangement and event styling to design and illustration. We also hold creative workshops and art making classes for children.

Cui Cui.’s Mission

An Integral part of our activities is communication through art. Three keywords of each of our projects are: [Flower] Regard plants and flowers that are around us and what they offer. [Create] Make playful art work by hand. [Children] Expand your imagination with the freedom of a child-like mind. There are always stories beneath the surface. Stories about someone you care about. They may say “Thank you” or “Good job!” or it could be “I love you”. Cui Cui.’s work is not over when the artwork is created. Our mission is to deliver the message with it to someone and start another evolving story.

That is Cui Cui.’s “Communication Art”.

Selected Publications:

April 2015: First book, “Cui Cui.’s Happy Handmade with Plants” was published from BNN Inc. International.

November 2015: Started weekly column “Cui Cui.’s Craft Time” on Mainichi Shogaku-sei Shinbun on Sundays


Illustrator / Flower Stylist
Sa-ko Okumura (pictured on left)

Graduated from Women’s Art University and Setsu Mode Seminar in Tokyo, Japan. Gained experience working as a designer/ creator at a design firm, architectural firm and web design company, Sa-ko became a freelance illustrator in year 2000. Her illustration works may be seen on many magazines and advertisements. Mother of two.

Flower Decorator
Eriko Shirakawa (pictured on right)

After finishing art school and design community college, Eriko worked as a web creator at an advertisement agency and in public relations at an apparel brand. In 2007 she moved to The Netherlands to study flower arrangement, and after finishing the program she did an internship at a local florist. After moving back to Japan she returned to Europe several times to study under top flower artists like Catherine Muller and Marianne Robic in Paris.